Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 4 -- 400 cals

Day 4 and I have succeeded in staying under 400! yay! Been a good day so far. I just have sooo much to do. Like 4 projects and a lab to finish. And school's out in like 2 weeks which is crazy. Then I have about a week or so before I ship out. I'm still a bit surprised that my head isn't spinning yet with everything that needs to be done. But somehow it's all getting done. I have a preliminary poster due tomorrow that I'm working on now, presentation for Bio of Fishes on Thursday, my safety audit presentation next week, Conservation Biology presentation. [passes out]

Pretty sure there's something else but I can't think right now lol

So here's the rundown of my day:
b- 1/2 corn muffin (91)
l - small bowl of cantaloupe (19), 10 grapes (34) and half a banana (36)
d - small bowl of salad with 2 tbsp chickpeas (46), 5 baby carrots (13), small broccoli (10), 4 slices cucumber (8) and 1 tbsp of Italian dressing (43); whole small banana (72)

TOTAL::  372 cals!!!

So happy I stayed under. Tomorrow might be a bit tough but I think I can handle it. I have classes pretty much straight through the day and I think I can get away with not having lunch with my friends, say I have to work on my projects [which I do].

Projected meal plan::
b- small bowl cantaloupe (19)
l - protein drink (50) 
d- 1/2 grapefruit, small (16) 
TOTAL::  85 cals

Another day down girls!! Hope you're all doing well. Keep it up, just think of how lovely and beautiful you're all going to look!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Still Day 3

So here's the run down of my day:

12:30- rice cake (50)
2:30 - half rice cake and 1/8 tbsp peanut butter (99)
6:00 - half cup rice pilaf (155) and about 1 oz. fried chicken (74)  [229 ick]

So my food total is 353...ugh.
BUUUUUT I went to the gym today cuz I knew that I'd have to eat what ever my bf's mom was making so I burned a total of 244.

So my total when you include what I burned is 109!!! So excited

Tomorrow will be much better since I'm back at school and can make my own stuff.
Plan for the day:
 breakfast -- either a small bowl cantaloupe (19) and 1/2 cup pineapple (41.5) [[61]] OR an apple (53) or banana (72)
 lunch -- apple (53) or pear (81)
 dinner -- small bowl of salad with veggies (~33) with tbsp of Italian dressing on side (43) [[76]]
TOTAL: (with higher cals) 229

At least that way I have some wiggle room too if I eat a bit more than that

Another day down! Keep it up girls, we can do it! xo

Soon we'll all be classic beauties

Day 3 -- 300 cals

On my way to day 3!! Had a apple cinnamon rice cake (50) so far and feeling good. Altho I did get sick in the shower after I took my multivitamin....I can never keep them down so job for today is to go get some of those gummy or chewable ones.

I'm just a little frustrated today, tho. My boyfriend's being a tool. We woke up at 12:30 and had our respective breakfasts. He says he's not feeling well and that he needs some "good food" for lunch....even tho I told him he just ate a big bowl of cereal, at 12:30. He's being snappy when I offer to make him something and it's pissing me off. Gah....stupid boys.

Anyhow, I'm just gonna sit and work on some homework until he decides to move he's stupid butt out of bed and stop watching football all day.

I'll update later at the end of the day. Just needed to vent a bit.
Good luck girls and stay strong & beautiful!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 2: 500 or less

So here's my cals for the day:::

1 banana -- 72
2 celery stalks (20) with 2 tbsp peanut butter (190) -- 210
11 green grapes -- ~34
                        1 cup turkey soup (cals based on how much in cup):
                                   turkey strips [less than 3] -- ~20
                                   corn -- 10
                                   green beans -- 10
                                   carrots -- 7
                                   cous cous ~ 110
                                   chicken broth -- 38

Total:: 511 cals
shit.....well 11 over isn't that bad for my first/second day. Tomorrow will be better! yup yup

I decided to go with On My Way to Thin's idea about not weighing in until 7 days in. I think it's a good idea, can't expect really dramatic changes
Plan For Tomorrow::
 Rice cake (50)
 1/2 apple (45) or another rice cake

Eating dinner at my bf's house which means I need to save my cals cuz I don't know what his mom's making soooo hopefully I will stay within the 300 limit. 

You didn't gain weight overnight, so you won't lose it overnight either. Take it one day at a time girls!!

ABC Begins!!

I decided to join a group ABC diet and I'm so excited!!! For those that might not know, ABC [Ana Boot Camp] is a 50 day diet that varies calories intake everyday but generally keeps it under 600. There's a few fasts thrown in there too.

There's a group site if you wanna join ....ABC Now board
Here's the full 50 day diet:: abc diet

Good luck to all and stay strong girls!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

First Step

One of the tips you will commonly hear from Ana is that you should start a blog or journal. Distractions are good and ways to keep you focused are better. So, you ask, who's Ana? Nope, it's not me. Ana is a friend to many. Sometimes she's a real pain in the ass but she keeps us pure and clean. She enlightens and uplifts. She keeps us honest and determined.
This blog, or journal or whatever you might want to call this, is about my relationship with her.This is my progress, my failings, my accomplishments and everything in between until my final success.
I hope that this can help some of Ana's other friends. I'm on some forums so if you find this through one of those, welcome and feel free to comment or leave some notes.
Good luck to all and stay strong!! xo