Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 4 -- 400 cals

Day 4 and I have succeeded in staying under 400! yay! Been a good day so far. I just have sooo much to do. Like 4 projects and a lab to finish. And school's out in like 2 weeks which is crazy. Then I have about a week or so before I ship out. I'm still a bit surprised that my head isn't spinning yet with everything that needs to be done. But somehow it's all getting done. I have a preliminary poster due tomorrow that I'm working on now, presentation for Bio of Fishes on Thursday, my safety audit presentation next week, Conservation Biology presentation. [passes out]

Pretty sure there's something else but I can't think right now lol

So here's the rundown of my day:
b- 1/2 corn muffin (91)
l - small bowl of cantaloupe (19), 10 grapes (34) and half a banana (36)
d - small bowl of salad with 2 tbsp chickpeas (46), 5 baby carrots (13), small broccoli (10), 4 slices cucumber (8) and 1 tbsp of Italian dressing (43); whole small banana (72)

TOTAL::  372 cals!!!

So happy I stayed under. Tomorrow might be a bit tough but I think I can handle it. I have classes pretty much straight through the day and I think I can get away with not having lunch with my friends, say I have to work on my projects [which I do].

Projected meal plan::
b- small bowl cantaloupe (19)
l - protein drink (50) 
d- 1/2 grapefruit, small (16) 
TOTAL::  85 cals

Another day down girls!! Hope you're all doing well. Keep it up, just think of how lovely and beautiful you're all going to look!