Thursday, January 7, 2010

OK not goodbye yet, but soon!

Wake-up weight this morning:: 110
It's good but still sucks because I was down to 108. But I got back down to 110 pretty quickly, just within this past week sooooo I'm trying to keep in mind that I can get down more fairly easy if I keep it up.

The ship's pretty much packed and now we're mostly running boat drills and whatnot for when the Coast Guard comes for our final drill before we leave on Sunday.
I've been running around taking pictures and working on the site for my school, so I've been busy. But it's kinda awesome because I get to do something I love but I'll be able to restrict like crazy and I'm really hoping to drop like 10 lbs by the time I come back.

That's me on the left in front of our ship

And on the right lol

I'm gonna go crazy not being able to come on here and read everyone's blogs and going on the forums on Doll Parts. I'm gonna miss my girlies!!! You guys are all like a second family to me and the only ones that understand what I'm going through with Ana and all that. It's definitely gonna be a bit tough not having that understanding and support the next 6 weeks but hopefully I'll be able to stay on track and give some good updates when I have the time [and the internet!]

Once again, I will miss you all and hope you all are well while I'm gone!!