Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fit Day and Bday

Well I'm back at school on the bday for offloading. Which for means sitting inside and working on the school website. At least it's heated.

So far so good. I had a bit of an apple this morning for breakfast [about 55] but then I had 2 cookies around 9 cuz it's Bonnie's bday too so she brought in a tray. So together it was about 92, with a grand total of 147 for the day so far.

Not bad. I'm using this site called and it's awesome. Tonight me and matty are probably going to get sushi for my bday dinner. But they have a nigiri plate that's only about 300 or so cals so I can at least keep my intake around 500 today. Nice.

I still want to fast. I'm still planning on it but I feel like I'm just aiming for failure by choosing to do it the week of my birthday. You know, when EVERYONE wants to take me out for lunch or dinner and bake me things. ick. The only one I'm okay with is sushi because I love it and depending on what you get, it's relatively low cal.

But school will be starting on Sunday and then I'll be on my own again. It'll definitely be easier to fast/restrict once I'm back there.

Again....I CAN DO THIS. I must and I will.