Thursday, February 25, 2010

bday part 3

So today is try number 3 at a fun birthday. My actual birthday on tuesday sucked. Yesterday was fun when I went out with my friends for dinner, then sucked again when I hung out with my boyfriend. Today I'm driving to Boston to hang out with my other 2 friends to see a band. I KNOW it's gonna be awesome because I always have a good time with them. So tonight will probably be counted as the bday party. Then tomorrow I'm driving home to hang out with the family for 2 days while packing to report back to school on Sunday.


I'm so sick of school. That's mostly the reason I've been so depressed because of how the some of the staff have been treating me. Pretty much the entire time I was on the ship I was constantly told that I pretty much sucked at my job, that I was doing everything wrong. Then ON MY BIRTHDAY when I reported to help clean the ship and whatnot, the same commander that was giving me shit pretty much went on this tangent in front of 2 other LTs about how I'm a "bad chick" and a troublemaker when I did jack shit on the ship and I'm a freaking hermit when I'm at school.

Fucking asshole. I just walked away, I was getting so pissed off. And the fact that he was like that now that we're back at school just shows me what he's going to be like when school actually starts up again. Especially since he's my company officer. FML.

Any who, I'm just so tired of constantly feeling like I want to cry. So tonight is fun only. yup.
Ana-wise, I've been doing pretty well. I've been exercising every morning and eating minimally. Yay!
I'm still terrified to weigh myself so I'm glad that I don't have a scale to weigh myself with. I took my measurements and surprisingly they have changed much since the last time I took them, which was like 2 months ago. Now it's just time to make them even smaller.