Monday, March 8, 2010

The Week to Start It All

So I'm back on ABC. I decided that for every day that I don't stay under, I have to repeat it. So far, I've done the 500 day 3 times....fuck. I've also decided to give myself a leeway of 100 cals.
But now i'm on day 3, which is under 400 cals. Which I've already gone over.

But the rest of the day, as well as the week [fingers crossed], should be good and easy-ish.
I haven't had lunch and I'm planning on not having dinner. Now that I'm not going to be hanging out at my bf's as much, which is LOADED with junk food, I should be fine.

This is the first full week of classes for me and I'm diving right in. This is also my last semester before I graduate, which is a scary but exciting thought. So I need to stay focused on school and go out with a grade-wise bang. So far so good. I think it'll also help keep me away from thinking about food and that I should be eating something. That's what usually gets me- thinking "Oh, it's about lunch time, I should eat something". But usually it's not just 'something', it's a lot of things. But this is the week to change and focus and I will do better. I will do great.

Also, now that the weather isn't shitty anymore I'm more inclined to walk across campus to the gym. And hopefully it will get nicer out so that I can go running and hiking outside.
Hearing that many of you are doing well is giving me motivation to do well too. Aaaaand we can all to well together!! And then we'll be the gorgeous thin girls that everyone will envy and sigh over. yup.

Just wait, we'll make their jaws drop in awe.