Thursday, March 18, 2010


I got to come home early for the weekend. Yay! My Lit of the Supernatural class for tomorrow was cancelled cuz my teacher has some meeting and we worked it out that now we don't have to go to Environmental Risk on Fridays.
Altho the reason I came home early isn't all that great. My dad has his surgery in the morning. He got diagnosed with prostate cancer in December but since they caught it so early and the cancer's completely isolated, he's gonna be fine. It's just a bit nerve wracking that he still has to be put under for like 4 hours and have doctors cutting him open. eeeh. Nope don't like it.
But, again, he's gonna be perfectly fine.

In other news:::
I got a new phone!! So excited, it's the Samsung Mythic and I love it :D
I've been playing with it all night and now I can actually go on the internet so I've been setting it up so that this, Pretty Thin, Doll Parts, and Fat Secret are in my favs link.

I just finished calculating how much I ate today. It was actually way under 800 for the total which kinda shocked me. I was avoiding eating all day but when I did eat, I felt like it was alot. I had a waffle at 7:30am then didn't eat until about 4:30pm when I made myself a turkey sub with lots of hot peppers and jalapeƱos.
Then at 6:30 I made another small turkey sandwich but also added some cajun pepper to it.

I have yet to weigh myself cuz I'm terrified of what the number will be. Since no one's really gonna be at the house, I won't have to eat for anyone. And I'm planning on exercising my ass off all weekend. I really need to start getting in the habit of going to work out or going for a run. Just getting off my ass.
I have been sleeping alot lately, mostly as a way to avoid the opportunity to eat.

Anywho, I'm starting to get tired soooo I'm off to bed.
btw LOOOVE the new Lady Gaga video....and Lady Gaga lol
Love you all and can't wait till we're all beautiful and thin!! <3