Wednesday, March 10, 2010

72 Hour Fast...hopefully

Ok...for those who might actually read this blog, I'm sure you're getting tired of me jumping from one thing to the next diet-wise. I'm like in freakout mode, I'm so desperate to get this weight off.

Anywho, so now what I'm doing is a 72 hour fast. I want to say that I'm setting myself up for failure since I've never really done a fast to this extent. I really started yesterday and was doing so well. 9 hours of only liquids but then I made myself a salad at dinner...and a pasta bowl....and had a TON of potato chips. Ick....

So much for that. I felt like shit but I'm strengthened my resolve and I'm determined to do this. Just today, tomorrow and Friday. I can do this. I know I can.

I've tied a red string around my finger to wear along with my rings as a reminder. I had some red thread around my wrist to do the same thing but since I'm always in long sleeves, I never see it soooo it's pointless.
I know I have the self control, I just seem to have been ignoring it lately. Which is horrible. Because once again, I KNOW I can do this since I've done this before. WTF.....
I'll update at the end of the day, let you know how it went. I'll be thinking of all of you to keep me in check.