Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Super Oatmeal and fruit = a Thin Me!!

So what I've been doing for a few days now is eating only about 200 cals for the whole day. I've just been eating Fiber One yogurt which is 50 cals with either a half of or whole apple which ranges from 25 to 53 cals. Then I just put a whole ton of cinnamon on it. Lunch and dinner I've been having this. I've been pretty good about it but not consistently enough for me to see any changes. I've also been mixing in some junk food and big meals here and there which is prob why.
Which is why starting tomorrow morning, I'm sticking strictly to this. Kind of a mixed Super Oatmeal Diet since I'm going to switch it up some days with low cal oatmeal. And it's also kind of awesome because going home used to feel like an issue for me regarding parents but now they're on Jenny Craig and there's like no food in the house except veggies and their meals. Which is great for me too so that now I can get away with eating just a little because there's nothing for me to eat anyway. They have a shit ton of low cal yogurts and fruit. The last time I was home that's pretty much all I ate and my mom never said a thing about it [yay]
I'm gonna be going home this weekend so fingers crossed that I can do it there. As long as I keep myself busy too, less likely I'll go looking for something to snack on.
Hope all is well with all of you and sorry I've been so absent. I've just had so much shit going on lately that coming on here or PT or DP is far from my mind. Which is prob why I haven't sticking to anything so well.
Love you all and hope you're all looking thin and fabulous. If not, you soon will be! <3