Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Aaaaand Day 3 **update**

So today is Day 3 of ABC....the first 2 days weren't so great. I mean, I started out doing well. And then it just all went to shit. But today will be better.

I have a huge final at 10:15 so I'll be studying that all morning. After that's done I'm going to my bf's house so we can go out to lunch. I'm pretty sure we're going to get sushi. This is all I'm going to have for the whole day. Easy way to stay under 300 cals and still get some yummy food. :D

I need to get my ass in gear with this. Sometimes I feel thin and think I look thinner but I want to be even thinner than that, because I know it's no where close to what I can be.

So there's my plan for the day. Hopefully I stick to it. No, I will stick to it. [think positive!]

So we went out for sushi and I had the nigiri special:
1 tuna roll, 6pc. (92)
1 salmon nigiri (50)
2 tuna nigiri (100)
3 yellowtail nigiri (125)

For a grand total of.....367!!! [btw I'm switched today and tomorrow so it's 400 cals max]
Awesome :D
And I have finals all day tomorrow then I'm going straight home. I can easily stay under 300 for dinner with the fam. hurrah!!

Hope all is well with you girls. Stay strong!! xo