Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shippin' Out

So my loveys, it's a new year, new blog-look, new.....things. lol
Right now my parents are out at some restaurant with my aunt and uncle. I'm at home with my lil brother and cousin, kicking their butts as Wii Mario Party. Haha so eventful. But I really don't feel like going out and getting shitfaced or high, I don't feel like being out on the town since it's freezing out, and my boyfriend's in Colorado.

So my awesome New Year's party is eating homemade pizza [3 slices] and drinking water and Diet Coke while playing video games with teenagers. haha I'm having fun so who cares.

Weight this morning was AWFUL. I have gained and am now around 112. FML
But I'm starting ABC tomorrow with some other lovely ladies and then I'm leaving the next morning to go onto my ship.

Soooo expect me to come home in 2 months looking fabulous and at least 10 lbs lighter!! I'm so excited to be shipping out because it's like a clean start for me to get my shit together food wise, I'll have a lot of time to just focus on it and getting thin. It'll be amazing.

Only down side is that I'll have no internet and won't be able to come on here, or Doll Parts or Skinny Doll [now that PT is gone] So I won't be able to go to you girls for support and help!!! I'm gonna miss you all and I'm gonna try to keep a mini journal and take progress photos while I'm out.
You're all so wonderful and I really am going to miss all of you!!!

Please make sure no other sites close down while I'm gone!! lol