Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Here We Go

Alright. Now I have a plan in order to get my ass in gear.
I'm going to start 2468 tomorrow. I also decided to kinda do an apple detox at the same time. I'm thinking of focusing on a certain fruit or low cal food for each cycle. So, for this first one, i'm thinking of mostly just eating apples. I figure this will definitely keep me under every single cal limit, be a good detox, and it'll be much easier for me to follow.
I think that's my issue right now, is the long term thing. If I can focus on 5 days and just certain types of food, I can nail it.
I am going to do the  ABC again at some point. Probably after a few cycles of this or once I leave to go out to sea.

I will definitely be able to do it out on the ship. I'm pretty much going to eat only fruit and salads anyway because the food is awful on the school's ship.  The only bummer though is that I won't have internet at all and can't come on here and PT to talk and keep up with support.

I'll still write and all because it definitely helps but it really would be nice if I could read other people's and see how you girls are doing.

But yup, that's my plan. Starting tomorrow. Wish me luck and I'll def let you all know how it goes.
Hope all is well for you girls.
Keep it up and stay strong!! xo