Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Foods Galore

So today was the last day of big family dinners. While all were amazingly delicious, I felt awful during and after each one. I did pretty well on not binging but I've been putting so much junk in my body. There are like sooo many fucking desserts in my house right now.

Tonight my dad made a pot roast with peas, mashed potatoes and cooked carrots. Not a bad meal, pretty healthy. I had a small plate and was proud of myself, didn't finish it all an whatnot. But afterwards I had 2 slices of pecan spice cake and took a couple fork fulls from the cake itself. Gross.
After eating 'normally' the past few days it's like I can't stop. Thank god I haven't binged but still....I feel beyond awful and so sick.

I started a new bottle of diet pills...I think it's a Stacker 3 product. I can't remember. So far so good. Hope these work out.

I weighed myself this morning, 109.4.
Weighed myself again after dinner.... fucking 111.7. What the fuck.
I'm fasting for 3 days so I can get this crap out of my body and clean it out.

Well it's time for bed now. Hope you all had a lovely holiday.