Thursday, December 24, 2009

And Down She Goes!!!

Yesterday I went to Somerset to visit my friend from school. We smoked up a bit while doing some Christmas shopping for his family. We get to this jewelry boutique kinda place to get his mom a new Pandora charm for her bracelet. I started to kinda feel like I was getting the spins, I figured it was just cuz I smoked on a very empty stomach. I'm trying to get this lady's attention and all of a sudden I'm on the floor. 

I totally fainted from not eating all day!!! In a store full of crazy yuppie white women! 

My friend Matt started to get me up, these women are freaking out, saying I'm having a seizure. He mentioned something about outside and I, in my complete foggy logic, decide yes this is a good idea. But instead of waiting for him to help me, I stumble for the door.
Apparently he caught me just in time before I went head first and took out a display full of little glass things that cost hundreds of dollars.

He finally got me to the car and as soon as I sat down, totally normal. I felt absolutely fine. But we were stalked by these two crazy ladies who would not let us leave, called the fucking ambulance!!

ugh I couldn't believe it. I kept telling them I was fine, I just hadn't eaten, no big deal. But those damn women would not let us leave. So the ambulance shows up, they take my blood sugar and it's totally fine and in normal ranges. So they let me go.

Talk about a crazy fuckin day. Over course, I never heard the end of it from my friend Matt all day. lol
Oh man....I guess I need to be more careful about fasting.