Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Keep On Runnin'

So I had to eat something for dinner with my family because it was so much later than after I said I had eaten that  the rents wouldn't believe me.
So I made myself a grilled cheese on pita bread- pita (60), cheese (45) and 2 small slices of ham (~15) - a relatively low-cal healthy meal. But I ended up having two 100 cal cookies and some crackers. I felt so disgusting, even though I didn't binge and was under my cal count.

And then I had to sit and watch a movie with my family even though I wanted to run downstairs so badly and run on the treadmill. I thought about purging, but I didn't eat a ton of bad food and I'm trying to stop anyhow.

So I sat on the couch....for almost 2 hours thinking about this shit sitting in my stomach that really shouldn't be there. Once 10:00 hit and everyone went to bed, I booked it downstairs and ran for an hour.

According to the treadmill I burned over 300 cals, but this calories-burned counter I use says that I burned almost 430 cals. Either way that's good but I wish I knew the exact number.

Anyhow I feel so much better. I haven't ran in so long, it feels so great. So I'm waking up a bit earlier than usual so I can run again. I'm hoping to do another hour but I need to still have enough time to get all my other chores done and take a shower. Oh! And figure out what I'm wearing tomorrow night.

Actually I'm still pretty jazzed up from running so I might do that now before bed. Which means that there will be clothes all over the floor in my room after I just cleaned it up. haha oh well

Goodnight ladies!!! Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow if I don't write!

btw I totally heart Lady Gaga