Monday, December 21, 2009

Another Day Down

Today's been a good day. :) I've been busy all day: cleaning my room, unpacking my car, fiddled with my computer, exercised for an hour while watching a movie. Then I took a shower and here I am!

I ate a small banana this morning to go with multivitamin and my diet pill. And just now I had a Cottage Doubles which I decided is one of the best things ever. It's lowfat cottage cheese and it has a small side of a fruit jelly kind of thing. All for 120-140 cals, depending on which fruit you have. I just had a peach one and it's so tastey, plus I'm getting some calcium and protein. Yay! My stomach was hurting so bad so I needed to put something in it.

So my total for today is 130 + 70 = 200!!! awesome! 
And I burned about 470 cals today too! :D So excited.

Tomorrow's plan is to organize all the things I unpacked from my car and then repack what I need for Sea Term. And then I need to do some more what else.....Probably exercise some more.

Hope all is well. Love you all, you're my strength and inspiration!
Keep it up and stay strong