Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dust, 409, and more cleaning

So far today's been pretty good, I've only had 3 chocolate raisins and 1 chocolate almond. Just to get my sugar up. Other than that, only liquids!!! yay :D

I've been doing house work stuff all day, the bathroom is almost done-ish. Just needs some paint and we need to hang up the mirror. I cleaned up the living room and the kitchen but people keep bringing more shit into them soooo that was slightly pointless.

The Christmas tree is up, I have presents for everyone, except my bf Matty which definitely isn't good. What else.....well not too much. At this point it's alot of cleaning of the house and whatnot. Which is good, that'll keep me busy and not eating.

I'm going out dancing Wed night in Providence. Club Hell if anyone is interested!!! lol
I'm hoping to hang out with my friend during the day, try some mushrooms which I'm pretty excited about. No munchies! :D

There was talk about pizza for dinner...god I hope not. Fucking gross. Maybe I can convince them otherwise.
Today's a 400 day for ABC but I still don't want to go anywhere close to that.

Hmm....well I hope everyone is having a good holiday week, getting ready for Xmas and all that. Stay strong, we're better than all that junky food. And we definitely can have a great time Thurs and Fri not eating as much as everyone else. [They'll all be too drunk to notice anyway haha]

RIP, lovely <3